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Rich Red Velvet

Our absolute best-seller! We’re quite proud of our Best-of-the-Bay 2010 Rich Red Velvet cupcake! Our silky, cocoa and buttermilk based classic red velvet cupcake is paired with tangy cream cheese frosting for a match made in heaven. Yum!

Deep Dark Chocolate

Deep Dark Chocolate is one of our best sellers! It’s a super-rich choice for chocoholics: dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream, and topped with a single chocolate chip.


Luscious Vanilla

We’ve been told by SoMa locals that this is the ONLY vanilla thing they love! Our luscious vanilla cake, silky vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with clear sugar sprinkles. Yum!


Pretty Pretty Princess

Our Pretty Pretty Princess cupcake is made with fresh strawberries – you can even see the seeds! Fresh strawberry cake, fresh strawberry buttercream, and a light sprinkling of baby-pink sugar sprinkles. One bite of this will have you imagining a tiara on your head!


A little sweet, a little tart – a lovely little summery balance! This cupcake will make you want to lay back in a hammock and take in the sun (psst, you’ll have to wait til October for the sun here in SF.)


Killer Carrot

A nut-free, raisin-free spice cake, made with freshly shredded organic carrots, our Killer Carrot cupcake is topped with our signature tangy cream cheese frosting, and a sprinkling of crispy-sweet candied carrots.

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