Dietary Restrictions

While we can’t be everything to everyone, we firmly believe that everyone deserves an awesome cupcake!  Cups and Cakes is committed to providing Gluten Free,
Vegan and Dairy Free cupcakes for all!


Gluten Free: (+$10/dz classic, 2 dz mini)

We can make pretty much any flavor cupcake in gluten-free! We use Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour for our gluten-free cupcakes.

Note: While we make every effort to clean and disinfect all of our utensils, bowls, etc, we are not an exclusively gluten-free bakery, and therefore do not recommend ordering through us if you have a severe gluten allergy/Celiac’s.


Dairy Free:  (+$2.50/dz classic or 2 dz mini)

 Vegan (+$5.00/dz classic or 2 dz mini)

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