Vanilla Cupcakes

Banana Cream Caramel

Imagine yourself on a road trip – to the middle of nowhere. What’s that in the distance – one of those diners that no one’s ever heard of, but the owner makes the most amazing pies. Her signature? The banana cream pie. We get as close as we can, with banana cake, pastry cream filling, and marshmallow/meringue frosting.

Birthday Cake

This reminds us of being 12 years old, and mom bringing out a pan of yellow cake with fudgy, chocolatey frosting slathered on top, and a smattering of rainbow sprinkles, with “Happy Birthday” scrawled on top. It’s our luscious vanilla cake, frosted with dark chocolate frosting, and rainbow sprinkles! Yum!


This one is a favorite of those who don’t LOVE sweets like the rest of us. Simple Vanilla Cake, with Vanilla Pastry Cream, and a dip in Dark Chocolate Ganache – a little sweet, but not TOO sweet. Just like Boston.

Luscious Vanilla

We’ve been told by SoMa locals that this is the ONLY vanilla thing they love! Our luscious vanilla cake, silky vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with clear sugar sprinkles. Yum!

Rainbow Bright

We figured we should add a little color to our vanilla cupcake, and get something really special. It turns out that color makes it more special than we could have imagined. Bite into this cupcake, and you’ll see all six colors of the rainbow – layered up quite nicely. Topped with cream cheese frosting and rainbow Nerds to make this one FUN cupcake!


One bite will remind you of those fun cinnamonny cookies you ate as a kid. Cinnamon buttercream on our Vanilla cake, topped with a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

Strawberry Shortcake

The perfect summer dessert – light, sweet, fruity and fun. We will our Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, and top it with a swirl of fresh strawberry buttercream. Nom on.

Vanilla Cookies & Cream

Love the cookies & cream texture, but not such a fan of chocolate? Our Vanilla Cookies & Cream is perfect for you! Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Buttercream, rolled in Vanilla Sandwich Cookies!

Vanilla Latte

Buzz Buzz! Coffee cake, vanilla coffee buttercream, black sprinkles, and topped off with an actual coffee bean.

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