Banana ChocolateBanana Chocolate

Our super moist banana cake, made with ripe, real bananas, frosted with our dark chocolate buttercream, and topped with a crisp banana chip.


Birthday CakeBirthday Cake

This reminds us of being 12 years old, and mom bringing out a pan of yellow cake with fudgy, chocolatey frosting slathered on top, and a smattering of rainbow sprinkles, with “Happy Birthday” scrawled on top. It’s our luscious vanilla cake, frosted with dark chocolate frosting, and rainbow sprinkles! Yum!

Black & Tan

What’s that? You want BEER in your cupcakes? Sure, we can do that. This one is a Guinness Chocolate Cake, topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream and a Chocolate Drizzle. Mmmmm, BEER.

Black and WhiteBlack & White

Simple and classic, our Black & White cupcake is a pairing of our favorites: dark chocolate cake with our signature tangy cream cheese frosting. We top it with a single chocolate chip.

Chocolate OrangeChocolate Orange

Our Dark Chocolate cake, paired with an Orange Buttercream. Did we forget to mention our Orange Buttercream has a little Cointreau? Yeah, that’s how to make the holidays a little merrier!

Chocolate Salted CaramelChocolate Salted Caramel

A classic pairing of Chocolate and Caramel, only ours goes that extra mile with Salted Caramel Buttercream and a Chocolate Sauce drizzle.


Coco CocoaCoco Cocoa

Our Coco-Cocoa is for those who, every year on November 1 at school, traded their Starburst and Airheads for Mounds. Our luscious coconut cake paired with dark chocolate buttercream, and topped off with a sprinkling of toasted coconut.

Cookies and CreamCookies & Cream

What more is there to describe? Our Dark Chocolate Cake, with a scoop of Vanilla Buttercream, then rolled in Chocolate Sandwich Cookie crumbles. Nom on.

Deep Dark ChocolateDeep Dark Chocolate

Deep Dark Chocolate is one of our best sellers! It’s a super-rich choice for chocoholics: dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream, and topped with a single chocolate chip.


Fauxstess: prounonced “fo-stess” Brings back childhood lunchtime memories. Dark Chocolate Cake, filled with Vanilla Buttercream, dipped in Dark Chocolate Ganache, and topped with a little white squiggle, to keep it authentic.

German Chocolate

A classic combo of chocolate, coconut, and pecans, with our little spin: Dark Chocolate Cake. We top that delish cake with a generous scoop of brown sugar pastry cream mixed with toasted pecans and shredded coconut, with a drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Like your sweets with a spicy kick? Our Mexican Hot Chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth: our dark chocolate cake is paired with a cinnamon-cayenne buttercream with just enough kick to spice things up.


Get your caffeine on! Chocolate and coffee work so well together, and we LOVE them in a cupcake. This cupcake is not-too-sweet, and will make any mocha-lover ecstatic.

Moon PieMoon Pie

Moon Pie is ooey-gooey: a pairing of our dark chocolate cake and our 7-minute frosting. It’s a chocolatey, marshmallowy mouthful of happiness.


Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur, Dark Chocolate Cake, with a Dark Chocolate Drizzle? Yes, PLEASE.

Peanut Butter Cup

Are peanut butter and chocolate a match made in heaven? We think so too. We have our dark chocolate cake paired with intensely peanut buttery buttercream here, topped with a mini milk chocolate peanut butter cup!

Peppermint PattyPeppermint Patty

Mmmmm: Juniormints, York Peppermint Patties, After 8…all have the same allure: a fresh minty center with a dark chocolate coating. Our Peppermint Patty Cupcake is no exception: Dark Chocolate Cake, Peppermint Buttercream Filling, dipped in Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Raspberry TruffleRaspberry Truffle

A staff favorite, with the perfect balance of Dark Chocolate, tart Homemade Raspberry Filling, and decadent Dark Chocolate Ganache.


Rich Red VelvetRich Red Velvet

Our absolute best-seller! We’re quite proud of our Best-of-the-Bay 2010 Rich Red Velvet cupcake! Our silky, cocoa and buttermilk based classic red velvet cupcake is paired with tangy cream cheese frosting for a match made in heaven. Yum!

Rocky RoadRocky Road

Just like your favorite ice cream, we pair our Dark Chocolate Cupcake with a swirl of marshmallowy 7-minute frosting, sprinkle with pecans, and drizzle with chocolate sauce.