These cupcakes have that little extra kick to make any party pop. Some have bacon, some have alcohol…all have amazing flavor!

Pancake BreakfastPancake Breakfast

Every San Franciscan’s favorite food item, BACON! We chop up premium thick-cut bacon in out maple sugar sweetened cake, and top it with maple buttercream, and (of course) more bacon! It’s the perfect brunch cupcake. (Lets be honest, we’ve had these for day-after breakfasts too. They work wonders.

Viva Las VegasViva Las Vegas

Channel your inner Elvis with the cupcake version of his favorite sandwich! Banana Bacon Cake, Peanut Butter frosting, topped with real bacon and a banana chip!

Black and TanBlack & Tan

What’s that? You want BEER in your cupcakes? Sure, we can do that. This one is a Guinness Chocolate Cake, topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream and a Chocolate Drizzle. Mmmmm, BEER.

Chocolate OrangeChocolate Orange

Our Dark Chocolate cake, paired with an Orange Buttercream. Did we forget to mention our Orange Buttercream has a little Cointreau? Yeah, that’s how to make the holidays a little merrier!

Egg NogEgg Nog

Vanilla Nutmeg Cake, Rum Buttercream. It’s what makes the holidays tolerable.

Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee

Perfect for that coffee and Whisky lover in your life. We make our Coffee Cake (with real coffee!), and top it with a swirl of Jameson Whisky buttercream, and a few clover sprinkles for that Irish touch.


Brunch’s perfect companion! A sweet Orange Juice cake with mild champagne buttercream makes for the perfect ending to your weekend brunch plans.


Mmmm, booze and cupcakes. A match made in heaven. We pair our lime cupcake with a tequila lime buttercream and top it with a sprinkle of green sugar, to give it that decadent, delicious finish.


Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur, Dark Chocolate Cake, with a Dark Chocolate Drizzle? Yes, PLEASE.

Strawberries and ChampagneStrawberries & Champagne

This one sells itself. Fresh Strawberry cake, Champagne Buttercream – simple, light, and lovely.