Map Cupcakes!

We wanted to do something cool for a local mapping group in San Francisco that meets everytime this year for WhereCamp. Instead of just making regular cupcakes, we made cupcakes in the style of MAPTILES. We’re pretty happy with the result:

See this on a map Thanks GaiaGPS!

Maptiles from Stamen Maps
Data from Open Street Map


Next to each other


Jen cutting up the tiles

All laid out!

Jen showing em off :)

WhereCamp 2012

WhereCamp 2012

How Many Cupcakes Can You Put on a Cat?

Our cupcake friend, Pinguino asked us a very important question:

“How many cupcakes can you fit on a cat?”

We had to find out!!!!1!!

A cat investigates our pink box.

Early attempts were futile.

But we distracted them with cupcakes.

Ninja like reflexes!

Adri waited for the kittehs to calm down and started stacking cupcakes…

…one after another

Winning the world record for 10 (freestanding) mini cupcakes on a cat!!

*No kittehs were harmed in this post, only annoyed.