The Best Cupcakes in San Francisco

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I mean, honestly, the requested chocolate whiskey booze cake turned out a million times better than expected! Not gonna lie, I was put in charge of my boss mans baby shower. And I might’ve immediately connected booze with cake for the situation. Did some quick searching thru Yelp, and landed on Cups and Cakes.

Boy o boy did they do a superb job! I initially called a few wks ahead to get a general quote for the price of the cake. It seemed super reasonable for the type of cake + amt of labor and design as compared to Susiecakes or something similar. Anyways, I placed the order by calling in. Wanted to make sure they were understanding the whiskey booze request flowing thru the cake haha

Let’s just say the boss and the rest of the team were very excited about the cake. Cups and Cakes went above and beyond to make an amazing cake. Major, major props to the team. LOVED the “bottoms up” add-on as well! 5 stars :)

I was in town for a conference, and needed cupcakes for two of my colleagues birthday’s. I forgot to make arrangements ahead of time, so I relied on my trusty Yelp for recommendations. I found Cups and Cakes Bakery totally by accident, but they did not disappoint. I called to let them know I was in route, but would be cutting it close to their closing time. Athena offered to get my cupcakes boxed and ready for me ahead of time. She told me all of the available flavors and let me pick which ones I wanted. She also made recommendations along the way. When I got there I was greeted with big smiles, and cupcakes bagged and ready to go! To my surprise this place is black owned! Even better! I love supporting black owned businesses. I ordered two dozen cupcakes, and was going to get a small one to enjoy on my ride back, but they gifted it to me. Super sweet! My team loved the cupcakes, and I certainly will be back!